Chapter 28

How long will he cling? In a few minutes, Aayansh will let go by himself," Radhi thought to herself.ย 

But even after waiting for ten minutes, Aayansh continued to cling to her legs, causing Radhi's frustration to deepen.

Becoming increasingly frustrated with his stubbornness, Radhi finally relented and said, her voice tinged with annoyance, "Fine, I'll tell you what happened last night, but before that, you have to let go of my leg."

Aayansh, still unwilling to release her, retorted, his tone defiant, "And how can I trust that after letting go of your leg, you'll actually tell me what happened?"

Radhi, trying to maintain her patience, responded firmly, "Well, when you trust me, then I'll tell you the truth."

Aayansh mulled over her words, realizing the validity of her point. He finally stood up, releasing her leg, and with a sigh, straightened his clothes, asking, "Okay, so tell me, what happened?"

Radhi's POV

After Aayansh finally let go of my hand, I stood there, trying to steady myself and catch my breath. It took a moment for me to find my footing and feel grounded again.

Then, when Aayansh asked, "Tell me now," I could sense his impatience.

"Yes, yes, I'm telling you," I replied, but I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.

"But first, let me catch my breath properly," I said to him, needing to calm my racing heart before I could speak.

"So, did you manage to catch your breath properly?" Aayansh asks, his concern evident in his voice.

"Aayansh," I respond, shooting him a glare filled with irritation at his question.

Why does he keep asking when it's obvious I need a moment?

"Alright...alright...take your time to catch your breath properly," Aayansh says, his tone gentle as he tries to calm me down.ย 

I appreciate his effort, but I just need him to give me space.

"Now listen, I won't repeat myself again and again," I say firmly, my frustration clear in my voice.ย 

"Just say it once then," Aayansh responds, his eagerness apparent in his tone. He's ready to listen, but I need him to understand the weight of my words.

As Aayansh waits for me to speak, I can sense his anticipation building.

It's clear he's eager to hear about last night's incident.ย 

"It seems I have to tell him now because I don't want any misunderstandings to come between us in the future," I think to myself, mustering the resolve to speak the truth despite my exhaustion.

Just then, the lights suddenly go out.

"What's this? The lights went out. I understand, even though God doesn't want me to tell Aayansh the truth, that's why He made the lights go out," I think to myself, silently thanking God that finally, I won't have to tell Aayansh the truth and I won't have to be embarrassed either.

As I was lost in thanking God, a sudden embrace startled me. My heart raced with surprise and confusion as I tried to identify the person clinging to me.

"Ohhho, in this room, who else could it be but me and Aayansh?" I think to myself, a flicker of surprise passing through me as I process the situation.

Sensing that the person beside me might indeed be Aayansh, I turn to the figure clinging to my side and ask tentatively, "Aayansh, is that you?" My voice carries a blend of uncertainty and hope as I eagerly await confirmation.

When I didn't receive any response from Aayansh, I asked him further, "Aayansh, why are you sticking to me like this?"

Aayansh's POV

"Aayansh..." Radhi's sudden, piercing scream slices through the oppressive silence of the dark, foreboding room, dragging my attention forcefully towards her.

"Yes, what happened?" I finally register Radhi's voice, my heart pounding with concern.

"I should be asking you what happened. I've been trying to talk to you all this time, and you're not even listening." Radhi's tone is sharp with frustration.

"Yeah, I... um... was just... uh..." I stutter, struggling to find my words before Radhi interjects, "Vo sab chhodo aur ye batao ki tum mujhse itna chipke kyun hue ho."

(Forget all that and tell me why you're clinging to me like this.)

"I'm just sticking close to you because..." I reply, attempting to mask the trembling fear in my voice.

"Because?" Radhi asks, her voice carrying a hint of anticipation, waiting for my response.

"Tumhe dar lag raha hoga na," I deflect, trying to hide my own fear.

(You must be scared, aren't you?)

"Wow, isn't it amazing? I'm the one feeling scared, yet I have no idea," Radhi says, dripping with sarcasm.

"See, that's why I always say, I know you better than you know yourself," I boast, unable to hide my smug grin.

"Isliye toh dar tumhe khudko lag raha hai aur naam mera laga rahe ho," Radhi retorts, her frustration evident as she gives me a teasing glance, her eyes gleaming with amusement at my attempt to shift the blame.

(You're the one feeling scared while trying to pin it on me.)

I didn't want Radhi to know I was afraid of the dark. So, I quickly put my mind to work and came up with an idea.ย 

With a hint of amusement, he remarked, "Isn't it strange how even in such a large resort, there's a problem with power cuts?"

"Of course, it's possible. If the lights can go out in your palace, then why not in a resort?" Radhi says with a hint of sarcasm.

Author's POVย 

As Radhi's sarcasm fades, the room is bathed in light once more, casting away the shadows of frustration.

Aayansh can't help but remark, his voice tinged with relief and a touch of amusement, "Look, the light's back."

Radhi's response is laced with a hint of exasperation and playful annoyance as she quips, "Yes, the light's back, but you're still glued to me."

"Ooh, alright." With that, Aayansh moves away from Radhi.

"Great, the lights are back. I'll go shower; meanwhile, you can finish packing all our stuff," Radhi says, stepping forward to grab her clothes, her tone indicating a sense of relief as she heads towards the wardrobe.

"Packing?" Aayansh's brows furrow with confusion upon hearing Radhi's mention of packing.

"Because we're leaving tomorrow," Radhi responds, her tone carrying a hint of finality.

"But we're supposed to stay here for a week." Aayansh's voice reveals his genuine surprise and disappointment.

"Yes, but we're not staying anymore," Radhi explains, her tone firm yet tinged with a sense of resignation.

"Why?" Aayansh's heart sinks as he realizes his plans to propose to Radhi may be thwarted by her sudden decision to leave.

"Because no one is staying after tonight's party." Radhi's words are laced with sarcasm as she delivers the news with a sarcastic smile.

With that said, Radhi grabs her clothes and heads towards the bathroom, her movements indicating a sense of purpose and determination.

And here, Aayansh stands still, immersed in the same thought, pondering why Radhi said, "No one is staying," in the end.

Aayansh assumes and says, "I've figured out that there's definitely some idea brewing in her mind, but what it is, I still don't know for sure."

Aayansh remarks ahead, "Well, I should complete our packing before Radhi arrives," with a sense of urgency and determination evident in his tone.

With that, Aayansh enthusiastically joins in the packing, ready to tackle the task at hand.

In the evening

Aayansh sat in the room, watching Radhi get ready. It was a bit unusual for Aayansh because Radhi had never taken this long to get ready before.

She always used to be ready quickly, but today she was getting ready as if it were a special occasion.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Aayansh asked, "What's up? Today, for the first time, I've seen you take so much time to get ready. You never took this long before."

"Yeah, that's because there's going to be a lot of fun at the party tonight," Radhi said, winking at Aayansh through the mirror as she spoke.

Swiftly rising, he approached Radhi at the vanity table, kneeling before her, his gaze drawing her attention towards him.

Locked in each other's gaze, Radhi and Aayansh shared a moment of connection.

Then, Aayansh's sudden gesture of cupping Radhi's face between his hands, turning her towards him, and peering into her eyes conveyed both care and worry.ย 

His question was, "What's wrong? Is something in your eyes?" echoed with genuine concern.

"No, it's just that I felt like it." Radhi responds, her head slightly tilted and her tone playful.

"Then why did you wink?" Aayansh inquires, his curiosity tinged with amusement.

While Radhi was contemplating whether Aayansh might accidentally propose to her or say something romantic while kneeling before her, Aayansh's words caught her off guard, sounding more serious than she had anticipated.

"I just felt like being a little romantic, but you're such a fool," Radhi retorts, gently removing Aayansh's hand from her cheek.

As soon as Aayansh hears the word "romantic" from Radhi's lips, he abruptly stands up, his tone laced with exaggerated drama. "Romantic, yeh word kisne sikhaaya tumhe?"

(Who taught you that word 'romantic'?)

Anticipating a sharp comeback from Radhi, Aayansh is surprised when she unexpectedly rises, seizes his blazer, pulls him closer, and whispers, "Bas tumhe dekhte dekhte yeh romantic word seekh liya."

(Just by looking at you, I learned this romantic word.)

"Is it?" Aayansh says, as he now grabs Radhi around her waist and pulls her closer.

Aayansh had expected Radhi to push him away after this, as she usually couldn't handle too much flirting, but today it seemed like Radhi had other plans, completely overturning his expectations.

Instead of pushing Aayansh away, Radhi embraces him even tighter, pressing herself against him as they hug.

Aayansh was completely taken aback by Radhi's actions today; he had never felt the way he did when she pressed herself against him.ย 

He was unaware that Radhi might have felt the same way too. Both their hearts were racing so fast that their heartbeat could be heard softly.

Radhi and Aayansh remained in each other's embrace for a long time, their pulses echoing their emotions.ย 

Then, after a while, Radhi gently pulls away from Aayansh, plants a kiss on his cheek, and then separates from him. She then sits back on the stool in front of the vanity table to continue getting ready.

For Aayansh, Radhi's embrace was already shocking enough, but her kiss added another layer of astonishment.

Standing there, his hand still on his cheek, he couldn't help but wonder, "Is something wrong with me?"

"Or could she be my wife's identical twin?" Aayansh thought to himself.

His mind raced with confusion and disbelief, trying to make sense of the unexpected turn of events.

Radhi stands after her final touch-up, ready with perfume, and approaches Aayansh, asking, "How do I look?"

Aayansh, snapping out of his reverie upon hearing Radhi's question, gazes at her once and remains captivated.

Radhi, leaning closer to Aayansh, gently nudges him and asks, "Am I looking so beautiful that you haven't blinked?"

"In fact, you're even more beautiful," Aayansh says, lost in the enchantment of Radhi's beauty.

"I knew this was your favorite color; that's why I'm wearing it," Radhi thinks to herself, a touch of satisfaction coloring her thoughts as she anticipates Aayansh's reaction.

Radhi pretends to cough in front of Aayansh. Hearing Radhi's simulated cough, Aayansh reacts swiftly, his concern evident as he asks, "Are you feeling okay?"

"My health is fine, but surely something will happen if I miss today's party,"ย  Radhi says, a hint of excitement lacing her voice as she hints at the anticipation building within her.

"Why is that? You've never been this excited to go to a party before," Aayansh asks Radhi, genuine curiosity coloring his tone as he tries to understand her sudden enthusiasm.

"Oh, come on, you'll enjoy it too," Radhi says, seizing Aayansh's hand and leading him towards the door, a spark of excitement evident in her eyes as she urges him to come along. Her excitement is contagious.

"Oh god, who knows what kind of fun is going to happen? Radhi seems so strange today. There's definitely something big about to happen." Aayansh thinks to himself, a whirlwind of emotions ranging from curiosity to apprehension swirling in his mind as he tries to decipher Radhi's behavior and the impending


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