1.1. Pregnant Tansi

A black car was speeding down an empty road. Inside the black car, a man in a black business suit appeared visibly anxious. The car came to a stop in front of City Hospital. Quickly, the man exited the car and rushed inside the hospital.

The car pulled up outside the hospital, and a handsome, tall young man with black hair and brown eyes swiftly stepped out, striding quickly into the hospital as soon as he exited the car.

Once inside, he approached the reception and asked, "Tansi Tansi Sahgal, which ward is she in?"

The receptionist inquired, "Sir, your name?"

"Devesh, Devesh Kapoor," Devesh replied.

The receptionist swiftly entered Aditya's ward.

A week later,

After dinner at Kapoor Mansion, everyone retired to their rooms around 1 a.m. The doorbell rang three to four times.

Neha, who had come down to the kitchen for a drink of water, heard the doorbell ring three to four times and went from the kitchen to the hall to open the gate.

Approaching the door, Neha opened it and felt happy upon seeing the person standing in front of her.

However, as another figure emerged from behind that person, Neha was surprised by the situation.

Despite her astonishment, she managed to call out to the rest of the household to come and see what was happening.


"Kriti jii!!"

"Disha beta! Come fast"

"Everyone come down."

We all heard Neha's yell.

Everyone comes downstairs and is shocked to see the person in front of them.

"Yeh kya Kiya tum dono ne shadi Karli, Neha shouted at them.

(You two got married.)

"Maa, calm down, "Disha ran to her MIL.

Disha looked at her sister Tansi and saw red vermilion on her hair partition. Mangarsutra wraps her neck around her head and bows down.

Kriti comes towards Tansi.

"Tansi, why did you take this step? Kriti Ji asked her while holding tightly to her shoulder.

"In this haste, what was the need for a sudden marriage?" Disha shouted at her sister.

"Di! Maa! Let me explain." Tansi was about to complete, but before that

"She is pregnant", Devesh revealed.

Kriti's hold on Tansi loosens.

Devesh's revelation brought a sudden calmness to the hall. Everyone was taken aback.

As soon as Devesh completed his words, he felt a tight punch on his face.

Adarsh, however, was furious. He approached Devesh aggressively, "How dare you?" Another punch followed: "She's too young, just 22."

Adarsh held his collar and again punched him, due to which he landed on the floor.

Disha and Ronit came in between to stop Adarsh.

Adarsh's anger alarmed everyone. Ronit and Disha rushed to restrain Adarsh, keeping him away.

In the midst of the turmoil, Devesh remained composed, and Tansi, with teary eyes, understood Devesh's signal to remain quiet.

Devesh had chosen to disclose the information in a straightforward manner, leaving the room silent.

Seeing Adarsh's rage, Ronit and Disha calmed him down and moved him away. Devesh was released, and he went to Tansi, silently comforting her.

Kriti was too shocked to react, and Disha was consoling her.

"Calm down everyone." Nikhil Kapoor

said in his authority.

He continued, "What has happened, has happened. Now, nothing can be changed. It would be best for everyone to accept this fact that Tansi is my daughter-in-law and the mother of my grandchild , she will stay with us."

Then Nikhil added, "It's getting quite late, and as for the matter of Tansi and Devesh's wedding, we'll discuss it tomorrow. For now, everyone should go to their respective rooms."

With this, the tension eased, and everyone headed back to their rooms. Adarsh left the scene angrily.

"Take care of Tansi," Disha said to Devesh, and they left for their rooms.

The family decided to discuss the matter further.


Disha enters the attached balcony from her and Adarsh's room without seeing Adarsh and finding him. She sees Adarsh smoking in the balcony.

"Don't touch it again," Disha said, taking the cigarette from his hand and extinguishing it, slightly irritated.

Adarsh, seeing her in anger, softly apologizes.

Later, reflecting on what happened today, Disha wonders, "Why did Dev and Tansi do this? They could have talked to us at least once."

After a while, Adarsh says, "And I consider Tansi like my sister, she still has three more months to complete her studies, and all this..."

"We should sleep now; it's been quite late," says Adarsh.

"Yeah, it's quite cold too," Disha replies.

Then both lie down on their respective beds and fall asleep.

In Devsi's room

Dev brings Tansi to his room, giving her a simple nightdress he picked up while coming. He tells her, "I'll bring something to eat from the kitchen; freshen up and change until then," and leaves the room.

After a while, Tansi sits near the dressing table, tears continuously flowing from her eyes. She remembers all the recent events flashing in her mind.

Everything was going so well until a few days ago, and suddenly all this happened. She wipes her tears, trying to compose herself.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Tansi sees sindoor in her hairline and a mangalsutra around her neck.

Now she was not just Tansi Sehgal, she was Tansi Dev Kapoor. The wife of Dev Kapoor, whom she only knew as her brother-in-law's brother before.

Summoning courage, she takes the clothes Dev gave her and heads to the attached bathroom. Turning on the shower, she stands beneath it.

Meanwhile, Dev searches for something to eat in the kitchen. Not finding anything, he decides to cook some paneer sabzi and four rotis from the freezer.

About an hour later, Dev enters the room with plates of food. Placing the plates on the table near the bed, he waits for Tansi to come out.

Ten more minutes pass, and seeing Tansi not coming out, Dev goes to the bathroom door. Just as he is about to knock, Tansi comes out in a nightdress.

As Tansi steps out, her foot gets caught in the carpet, and she loses balance, closing her eyes in fear of falling backward.

Feeling someone's hold, she opens her eyes to see Dev. Both gaze into each other's eyes for a moment, seeming to forget everything.

Dev helps Tansi stand straight. Her hair was open, causing it to get entangled in Dev's wristwatch at times. Dev carefully removes her hair from his watch.

"Thank you," Tansi says to Devesh.

"Oh, no need to thank me. I wouldn't just watch you fall," Devesh says.

Tansi says, "I'm not talking about that."

"Then?" Devesh asks.

"Because nobody does what you're doing for me," Tansi says.

"Jo ho gya use bhul jao aur dubara iss topic p hum baat nahi krenge," Devesh says, his voice carrying a mix of resignation and determination.

(Let's forget what happened and we won't talk about this topic again)

Before Tansi can say anything else, Devesh's phone starts ringing loudly.


"The food is on the table. 'Finish it; I'll attend the call and come back,"Dev said, picking up his phone and leaving for the attached balcony from the room.

I nodded in agreement, picked up the plate from the table near the bed, and sat on the nearby couch to eat. Dev seemed not to want to bother me anymore.

After I finished the meal, he put the plates in the kitchen and returned to the room. He noticed me pulling a blanket from the cupboard.

"Tum bed par so jao mai sofe pe so jaunga", Dev said, moving towards the sofa.

(You sleep on the bed; I'll sleep on the sofa)

I hesitated, knowing the sofa was quite small for Dev (5 feet 9 inches). I knew Dev was already doing a lot for me.

"Hum bed share kar sakte hai waise bhi bed kaafi bada hai,' I suggested, not wanting to trouble him further.

(We can share the bed; besides, there's enough space)

Dev was also quite tired and knew he had an important business meeting the next day. Without saying much, he asked me, 'Left or right?'

Confused, I asked, 'What?'

'Which side do you prefer to sleep on, left or right?' Dev asked me again.

'Right,' I said.

Listening to me, Dev went to the left side of the bed and lay down, while I went to the right side. Then Dev switched off the lights in the room.


Dev wonders how he will manage this relationship when his past has kept him away from his family for so long. Dev returned home after five years only because of Tansi.

Neither of them could sleep, lost in thoughts, but eventually, they close their eyes and fall asleep due to fatigue and turmoil.

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