"Kriti jii!!"

"Disha beta! Come fast"

"Everyone come down."

We all heard Neha's yell.

Everyone comes downstairs and is shocked to see the person in front of them.

"Yeh kya Kiya tum dono ne shadi Karli, Neha shouted at them.

(You two got married.)

"Maa, calm down, "Disha ran to her MIL.

Disha looked at her sister Tansi and saw red vermilion on her hair partition. Mangarsutra wraps her neck around her head and bows down.

Kriti comes towards Tansi and

"Tansi, why did you take this step? Kriti Ji asked her while holding tightly to her shoulder.

"You guys could have told us,Disha said.

"Why did you guys get married in this hurry? Kriti shouted.

"Di! Maa! Let me explain." Tansi was about to complete, but before that

"She is pregnant.As soon as Devesh completed his words, he felt a tight punch on his face.

All gasp and look at Adarsh; he was the one who had punched.

Kriti's hold on Tansi loosens.

It was a second shock for everyone. They were still trying to process what was happening.

Adarsh held his collar and again punched him, due to which he landed on the floor.

"How can you? Can't you see she is too young for these huge responsibilities? Adarsh shouted.

Disha and Ronit came in between to stop Adarsh.

Tansi should also hold Devesh and help him stand.

Neha was silently crying. Maisha came and made her sit on the sofa.

Kriti was too shocked to react, and Disha was consoling her.

"Calm down everyone." Nikhil Kapoor

said in his authority.

He continued,"Jo hona, so ho gya kal shaadi ke baad ki rasme hongi, abhi sab sone jao."

Following his order.

All of them started walking towards their room.

Devesh held Tansi's hand and started walking towards their room.

From here, Tansi's new phase of life has begun.

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