Chapter 27

Radhi's POV

I found myself at the back of the restaurant, but the figures I was tailing were nowhere in sight, leaving me feeling a mix of frustration and anxiety.

Suddenly, a man's enraged voice pierced the air, accusing, "You couldn't even handle such a simple task? You're completely useless!"

Startled, I turned towards the source of the outburst, my heart racing with anticipation.

"Sir, I had almost completed the task, but..." that girl began, her voice trembling with apprehension.

"But what?" the man barked, his anger palpable.

"Sir, just as you instructed, I had spiked his drink with the drugs, and I was about to take him with me as you suggested, but then his wife showed up," that girl explained.

"His wife? So Radhi came?" The man arrives, asking.

"I don't know her name, but a girl did show up, and because of her, the plan didn't work out, and I had to flee," she explained.

Upon hearing all this, I was terribly astonished.

Since I hadn't properly seen the man, I now needed to find out who he wasโ€”the one who had spiked Aayansh's drink with drugs.

I had a vague idea of who he might be, which is why I had followed them, but I hadn't seen his face properly.

"Everything went wrong? I was so sure that by exposing the false affair rumors about Aayansh, I'd publicly disgrace Radhi and her husband tonight. I thought that would finally bring me peace. But it all fell apart. No matter. If one plan fails, we'll devise another. But mark my words, Radhi will pay," he says, his laughter dripping with malice.

"Okay, you can leave now. Your job is done. I'll call you when I need you," Pratik says to the girl with an evil smile.

The girl nods and walks away, following Pratik's instructions.

"I'm really itching to give you a solid thrashing, enough to keep you at arm's length forever. But hey, I'll come up with a more entertaining punishment," I say, my tone playful yet determined.

After the girl leaves, Pratik casually lights up a cigarette and takes a smoke break before leaving.

Once they're out of sight, I take out my phone and make a quick call.

"Hey, I need some juicy gossip on Pratik ASAP. Something that'll shake up his life," I say, with a hint of mischief in my voice.

"Is it even worth mentioning? I already know everything about him," comes the response from the other end of the call.

"That's like my gossip guy. So, listen, what you need to do next is..." I said, my tone tinged with determination.

I then begin to explain my plan. After sharing my strategy, I pause, awaiting the response.

"Oh God, mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum itni zalim bhi ho sakti ho..." says a voice from the other end of the call, filled with surprise.

(Oh God, I didn't know you could be so cruel.)

"He shouldn't have dragged Aayansh into our conflict," I say in a cold, remorseful tone.

"Alright, I'll see you in the evening," I say before ending the call.

With a smirk, I end the call and say, "Bahut shauk hai na tumhe doosron ki zindagi kharab karne ka. Ab tum dekho ki main tumhe tumhare hi jaal mein phasati hoon."

(It seems like you're quite eager to ruin others' lives. Now watch how I trap you in your own web.)

Aayansh's POV

Radhi had sent me a message earlier, saying she had to leave for some urgent work.ย 

As I return to my room, I immediately pick up the telephone and call the hotel staff.

When the call connects, they greet me with a polite "Good morning, sir."

I reply with a smile, "Good morning."

The hotel staff then asks, "How may I assist you, sir?"

With a serious tone, I ask, "No, no, I don't need any service. I just wanted to ask something."

"Yes, yes, please ask," the hotel staff replied.

"Actually, I wanted to ask if you prepared everything according to my instructions for room no. 1012 last night," I inquired anxiously.

"Sir, just a minute, let me check with the staff right away," the hotel staff responded promptly.

I try to remain optimistic, thinking, "Hopefully, they've just made a mistake and forgotten to decorate."

"Yeah, sir, we meticulously paid attention to every detail according to your instructions and decorated the entire room beautifully," replied the hotel staff confidently.

Upon hearing this, I reflexively slapped his forehead, thinking, "Hey Prabhu, ye kya ho gaya?"

When no response comes, the hotel staff on the other end of the call reassures, "Sir, everything seems to be alright. We hope we haven't made any mistakes."

I maintain my composure and respond, "No, you haven't made any mistakes."

"Glad to hear that, sir. If you require any assistance, please feel free to call," the hotel staff says with sincerity.

After the call abruptly cuts off, I spring from my bed, my heart racing with agitation and distress.

Pacing anxiously, I lament, "Uff, God! What have I done? Why did I drink yesterday? It was such a crucial day for me. I had so many plans. I could have proposed to Radhi yesterday."

The realization dawns upon me that when I was drunk yesterday, Radhi was the one who escorted me to the room, meaning she must have seen the entire messโ€”the decorations and all.ย 

On top of that, I can't even remember my actions in my drunken state, which is probably why Radhi is avoiding me.

"Oh God, how could I make so many mistakes?" I exclaim, his voice tinged with frustration and self-disappointment as he struggles to piece together his memories.

"My mind is tempted to vanish into thin air like Mr. India right now. What if Radhi comes and asks me about that matter? What would I even say??"With these thoughts racing through my mind, I lightly tap my head against the wall in frustration.

Suddenly, a voice from behind me interrupts, "Kya main jaan sakti hoon, ye kya kar rahe ho tum?"

(Can I know what you're doing?)

Author's POVย 

Radhi had been sitting in a cafe for quite some time, having sent Aayansh to the room earlier to avoid him. She had wandered to a cafe located far from the resort.

A considerable amount of time had passed since her arrival, and it was now time for her to leave. She couldn't afford to linger any longer.

"Radhi, it's been enough. How long will you keep wandering aimlessly outside? You haven't done anything wrong, and Aayansh said those things in his intoxicated state. Whatever happened, happened because Aayansh was drunk," Radhi reassures herself, reflecting on the situation.

With a determined resolve, Radhi rises from her seat, summoning her courage.ย 

She gracefully stands up, leaving her spot in the cafe behind, and steps out with a sense of lightness in her heart.

Determined, Radhi leaves the cafe and hails a taxi to return to her resort.

Upon reaching her room at the resort, Radhi hesitates as she reaches for the doorknob.ย 

"If Aayansh remembers everything..." Radhi's thoughts trail off, and she pauses near the door, contemplating the possible outcomes.

"Bas kar Radhi, kitna sochegi. Raat gayi, baat gayi, aur jo hoga, uska samna kar lungi," she assures herself before mustering the courage to open the door and step into her room.

(Enough, Radhi.How much will you keep thinking? The night has passed; it's in the past, and whatever happens, I'll face it)

As Radhi steps into the room, she spots Aayansh with his head against the wall.

"What's happened to him now?" Radhi wonders, a hint of concern creeping into her voice.

Unable to contain her curiosity and growing worry, she approaches Aayansh and asks, "Kya main jaan sakti hoon, ye kya kar rahe ho tum?"

Caught off guard by Radhi's sudden voice, Aayansh jumps and quickly turns around, his heart racing with surprise and anticipation.

As he faces her, he locks eyes with Radhi, feeling a mix of emotions wash over him.

"Have you had another drink, Aayansh?" Radhi asks him, her tone tinged with concern and a hint of disappointment.

"No, I haven't had any drinks, Radhi," Aayansh explains to her.

"Then why were you behaving like that?" Radhi questions Aayansh.

Caught off guard, Aayansh realizes he can't reveal the truth, so he frantically devises a plan and says, "I wasn't doing anything... I was just exercising."

"Exercising? What kind of exercise involves banging your head against the wall?" Radhi responds incredulously upon hearing his answer.

"A new exercise that helps relieve tension," Aayansh says, trying to convince Radhi of his fabricated story.

"Oh, good for you then; continue," Radhi says, starting to walk away.

But just as she's about to leave, Aayansh stops her, urgently saying, "Radhi, wait a minute."

Upon hearing Aayansh's call, Radhi pauses, her heart racing with anticipation and anxiety.ย 

Silently, she prays that Aayansh won't bring up the events of last night. If he does, she isn't sure how she'll respond.

Summoning all her courage, Radhi turns back around to face Aayansh, trying to appear calm and composed as she says, "Haan, Kaho."

Observing Radhi's composed demeanor, Aayansh's suspicions begin to fade.

"She seems so normal now. Is it really appropriate to bring up last night's events?" Aayansh ponders, studying her carefully.

"But I have to ask at some point. After all, I need to know how foolish I was last night," Aayansh rationalizes to himself, trying to muster the courage.

Noticing Aayansh lost in thought, Radhi interjects, "Hey, where are you lost?"

Caught off guard by Radhi's interruption, Aayansh snaps out of his contemplation and responds, "Nowhere, just... nowhere."

"Tum kuch keh rahe," Radhi prompts Aayansh.

(You were saying something.)

"Oh, yeah, actually, I wanted to... I mean, I wanted to ask something," Aayansh stammers slightly as he speaks.

As Aayansh persisted in his inquiry about the events of the previous night, Radhi felt a twinge of nervousness.

She responded to his query with a hesitant, "You want to ask something?"

"Yeah, I wanted to ask... I mean, I wanted to know... Can you tell me what happened last night?" Aayansh questioned.

"Why do you even want to know what happened last night?" Radhi countered, her tone cautious.

"Look, Radhi, I know for sure that I did something last night, but I can't remember it properly," Aayansh explained, his voice tinged with frustration.

"And why should I tell you if I don't want to?" Radhi retorted, her tone defensive.

"And how come you can't tell me?" Aayansh pressed further.

"Just know that I can't tell you. Don't keep asking me about it," Radhi scolded, hoping to discourage any further probing.

"Radhi, please, just tell me. I asked you nicely earlier, but you avoided me then, and even in the restaurant. I have a feeling something definitely happened," Aayansh persisted.

"But I can't tell you," Radhi began.

"Why can't you tell me?" Aayansh interjected.

"Just know that I can't. Don't keep asking me about it," Radhi reiterated firmly, feeling the weight of her secret burden.

Understanding that Radhi wasn't going to reveal the truth easily, Aayansh resorted to a different tactic. He suddenly kneeled down in front of Radhi and clung to her legs, determined to get an answer.

"What the heck? What childishness is this? Are you a little kid throwing a tantrum?" Radhi exclaimed, trying to free her legs from Aayansh's grasp.

"Yeah, if you think I'm a kid, then so be it, but I need to know. If you won't tell me, I'll keep clinging to your legs all afternoon, and if you still won't agree, then I'm ready to do it until tonight," Aayansh insisted, holding onto Radhi's legs tightly.

"Okay, to tum yahi mere pair se naagin ki tarah lipte rehna chahte ho to theek hai mujhe bhi koi problem nahi," Radhi retorted, annoyed at Aayansh's persistence.

(Okay, so you want to cling to my legs like a snake? Fine, I have no problem with it.)

"How long will he cling? In a few minutes, Aayansh will let go by himself," Radhi thought to herself.

But even after waiting for ten minutes, Aayansh continued to

cling to her legs.

Becoming frustrated with his stubbornness, Radhi relented and said, "Fine, I'll tell you what happened last night."

To Be Continued โœ’๏ธ

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