Chapter 4

Ayansh and Radhi entered his room. Ayansh was still holding Radhi by her waist.

"Leave me, leave me," Radhi said in anger while wriggling in his hold.

Ayansh freed her from his hold.

"What the hell was that downstairs?" Radhi now questioned him about all he did downstairs.

"Say clearly, I am not getting," Ayansh said in his normal tone while removing his wristwatch.

"Baby kick this... baby do it..." Radhi mimicked Ayansh and continued, "What was that baby, baby?"

"Arey, I was doing all this for us," Ayansh said.

"For us... Acha aisa kya aur aap batane ka kast karenge, Patidev," Radhi said it a little dramatically.

(For us... Okay then, will you tell me, my lord?)

"I did all this so that they don't get suspicious about our marriage," Ayansh explained to her.

"Oh, acha," Radhi said.

"Agar tumari investigation khatm ho gayi to main chala araam krne," Ayansh said and walked towards his bed but stopped at his place, hearing Radhi.

(If your investigation is over, then let me take a nap now)

"Wait, you can go, but after telling me where the bathroom is?" Radhi asked, holding the end of his kurta.

"Yaha se left le lena," Ayansh told her while pointing towards the bathroom.

(Go left from here)

Radhi also went towards the bathroom to take a shower. As she had the habit of taking a shower whenever she felt frustrated, and seeing Yash with her sister Visha as a couple, she was frustrated. But somewhere she felt satisfied seeing Yash's expression.

Once she was done taking a shower, she then remembered she had forgotten to bring her suitcase. Then the saree she was wearing, she had already soaked in water was the thing that made her irritated, but she thanked God that she didn't soak her garments.

On the other side, Ayansh was sleeping peacefully until he heard the loud voice of Radhi calling his name.

"Ayan!! Ayansh!!" Radhi yelled from the bathroom.

Ayansh went to the door of the bathroom and said, "Why the hell are you yelling now?"

"Actually, I forgot to bring my suitcase here, and now I don't have anything to wear. Please, Ayansh, arrange something to wear," Radhi said, requesting.

"Then why the hell did you go to shower? You should have arranged your suitcase. You knew you had to stay here," Ayansh said, getting irritated.

Radhi wanted to reply to him, but in this situation, she couldn't afford to offend Ayansh.

"Ayansh, please na," Radhi requested him as she was wet and feeling cold.

"Acha, tum itni request kar hi Rahi ho to main karta hu kuch. Tum wahi rukna," Ayansh said.ย 

(Okay, now that you are requesting me this much, I will help you, just give me some time)

Saying this, Ayansh went to his wardrobe, picked a shirt, and went towards the bathroom.

"Take this," Ayansh said while turning towards the other side.

Radhi opened the door a little and grabbed his shirt. Radhi thanked God; at least she didn't have to stay without clothes anymore. And also, she didn't have any option.

As soon as Radhi grabbed the shirt, Ayansh walked out from there and went towards the balcony to make a call.

When he came back from the balcony, he saw Radhi coming out of the bathroom in his shirt.

Ayansh thought to take revenge on her for disturbing his sleep. He made a plan in his mind and went toward her.

Radhi saw Ayansh coming towards her. She didn't get it until she felt a hand wrapped around her waist.

Her eyes widened when she was pressed against the wall by him. They were standing very close to each other. Ayansh pressed his body even more and closed the few inches between them that had been left.

Radhi was shocked by his actions. She forgot to breathe for a few seconds.

"Ayansh! What... are you doing?" Radhi somehow managed to speak.

"Radhi, who am I?" Ayansh asked her.

"What type of question is this? Don't you know your name?" Radhi said it in irritation.

"I mean to say, who am I to you?" he asked her while tucking a few hair strands behind her ear that had come on her face.

Radhi gulped; she didn't know what to say.

Seeing Radhi silent, Ayansh said, "Radhi, have you forgotten that I applied vermilion to your hair partition and tied this mangalsutra around your neck?"

Radhi knew what he was trying to say but still pretended not to understand. "I am not getting what you are trying to say."

Ayansh now brought his face closer to hers and whispered, "That I am your husband" in her ear.

By saying this, Ayansh kissed her on the cheek.

She felt goosebumps on her skin. Her heartbeat started beating fast. She felt a strong attraction towards Ayansh but controlled herself and said, "Ayansh, you know why we tied this knot, right?"

Ayansh loosened his hold on her and freed her. Then he went towards his bed, sat there, and started laughing like a maniac.

Radhi looked at him with a confused expression. She didn't understand how he could laugh in the middle of such serious talk.

She got angry and yelled at him, "Why the hell are you laughing like a maniac now?"

"You are so cute," Ayansh said, pulling her cheeks a little like a baby.

"Ouch," she said in pain, and he removed his hand from her.

"Your expression..." Ayansh laughed and continued, "I never thought this would be this much fun," and again started laughing like a maniac.

Radhi now understood that he was just teasing her. This made her angry.

"Ayansh! I will kill you." Saying this, Radhi went towards Ayansh to hold him by his neck.

Ayansh got her plan, stepped out from there, and started running here and there.

Radhi was now running behind him.

"Ayansh, bas ek baar tum mere hath aa jao. Aaj main tumhe Zinda nahi chorungi," Radhi said while running behind him.

(Ayansh, just come into my hands once. (I won't let you live today.)

"Ye kya tum itni jaldi widow hona chahti ho. Abhi tak to humare bache bhi nahi hue," Ayansh said in a teasing manner.

Why do you want to be a widow so soon? (We haven't even had children yet.)

This made Radhi more angry. She picked up a pillow from the bed and threw it in his direction, but he didn't get hit.

"Tumhare saath bache kar bhi kaun raha hai," Radhi said while gritting her teeth.

(Who's even having a baby with you?)

"Oh, hello, I am the most eligible bachelor in town. Girls even die to see a single glimpse of mine," he said while coming towards her.

"Those girls must be blind," Radhi murmured to herself.

But Ayansh heard it and went closer to Radhi, held her by her arm, and said angrily, "Kya kaha tumne?"

(What did you say?)

"Leave me," Radhi said, harshly trying to remove his hold.

Due to this, she lost her balance and held his collar, but he also fell along with her.

Ayansh was on top of Radhi. He removed a hair strand that had fallen on her face. Then he went closer to Radhi, touched the tip of her nose with his, and was about to kiss her. All this time, Radhi didn't even blink.

They were totally lost in each other. They got interrupted by a knock on the door. They saw a person standing there. Radhi quickly pushed him aside and stood in her place.

Who do you think it will be?

To be continued

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