Chapter 3


I was ready in a pink saree for my first rasoi, as it was my first day after marriage.

I was a little nervous, not because of my first rasoi, but because I didn't see Ayansh yesterday. However, today there are some chances of facing him. It's not like I love him, but I don't know how I will face him, as I was the one who dumped him for Yash.

Everyone thinks I did it for a challenge, but nobody knows the real reason behind it. I can't tell anyone. I dated Ayansh for some reason, but he spoiled everything the moment he left this house. That's why I left him and married his elder brother, Yash.

I came to the kitchen and asked the servants about everyone's preferences. I got to know their preferences and started cooking.

Once I was done cooking, I asked the servants to arrange the dining table.

Everyone came downstairs and sat in their places. I served everyone, then sat beside Yash.

"I thanked God thousands of times, as Aayansh was not present there.

Everyone finished their breakfast and went to their rooms. Today, nobody was going to their offices as it was our reception party.

I went to Yash's roomโ€”I mean, our roomโ€”and saw Yash working on his laptop.

So, I went to work on my designs.


I woke up with a severe headache. I sat on the bed and was about to get up but saw a note stuck on the headboard.

(Note: Take this tablet. It will help you.)

"Oh! I remembered, now I am married," I mocked myself.

I took the tablet and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After getting a shower, I walked out in a towel with my wet hair. I went towards the wardrobe to take some clothes and went to the changing room.

I changed into my casual dress as I can't go to the office today per my mom's order.

After that, I went downstairs for breakfast. I saw that almost everyone had come. I used 'almost' as Aayansh doesn't live with us.

I went to my usual place and sat there. Once I finished my breakfast, I went to my room and started working on my laptop.

I was working on my laptop when I saw Visha enter the room. She went to the wardrobe, picked up her stuff, and started working.

I wasn't in the talking mood, as I still needed to process the incidents that happened in my life in the past few days.

We were busy with our work when we were interrupted by a servant's knock.

"Sir, come down fast. Aayansh Baba has come with a girl," Shalu, the servant, said with a worried expression.

I stood up from my place and started going downstairs. I was shocked to hear that Ayansh came with a girl. I had a strong feeling that something big had been waiting since morning, but I didn't know.


I heard Shalu informing Yash something about Aayansh, but I couldn't hear more. I was a little confused.

I saw Yash going downstairs and followed him.


Yash and Visha went downstairs and were shocked to see people in front of them.

There, Ayansh and Radhi were standing beside each other, hand in hand. Radhi looked like a married woman.

Visha looked at Radhi. Radhi's hair partition was filled with vermilion, and she wore a mangalsutra around her neck, looking stunning in a red-colored saree.

Ayansh was holding Radhi's hand with one hand and a garland in the other. He was wearing a red-colored kurta.

"Ayansh! What the hell is this?" Yash shouted.

"Can't you see we are married?" Radhi retorted.

"I want an answer from my brother, not from you," Yash asserted sternly, looking at Ayansh.

"Yash, you can't speak to my wife in this way," Ayansh declared loudly.

"Ayansh! How can you speak like this? He is your elder brother," Vrinda remarked, approaching them.

"Is she your mother?" Radhi asked in an almost whispered tone.

Ayansh simply nodded.

In response, Radhi held his hand. Not only did she bend to seek blessings, but she also made him bend to touch her feet.

Vrinda, not entirely willing to bless Radhi, did so just for Ayansh. She extended her blessings to them.

After receiving blessings from Vrinda, Radhi handed over her garland to Ayansh, and she walked toward her father-in-law, Harsh Singh Rajput. She bent to touch his feet for blessings, but he took a few steps back.

Observing this, Ayansh approached her. He held her hand and said, "You don't need to touch his feet."

"But," Radhi began, and Ayansh interrupted, turning to Shalu.

"Arey, ghar ki choti Bahu aayi hai. Puja ki thaal lekar aao," Ayansh said to Shalu.

(Won't you welcome my wife?)

"We won't accept this marriage," Harsh said in a loud and strained voice.

"I don't care whether you accept this or not," Ayansh said to his father in a stern voice.

"Ayansh, tell me, did she force you?" Yash asked Ayansh.

"What the hell... you are saying," Radhi said, getting irritated by his statement.

Ayansh loved this reaction from his family. He thought to play a little more.

"No," Ayansh said in a normal tone.

"Then why did you marry her? You... you can't marry her," Yash said to Ayansh.

"This is so, and why can't I marry her?" Ayansh said with a serious expression.

"Because she is..." Yash was about to complete his sentence but stopped in the middle as he realized what he was going to say.

"Because what, Yash?" Ayansh asked him.

"Because... she is six years older than you," Yash completed his sentence.

Listening to this, Vrinda looked towards them.

"What, she is older than him?" Vrinda said, trying to get confirmation.

"So, what? I don't see any problem in this," Ayansh said to him.

"How can this be no problem? What will society say?" Vrinda asked Ayansh.

"Mom, you know I don't care about what society says," Ayansh replied.

Vrinda knew he meant it. He never cares about what society says.

By this time, Shalu came with the Pooja thali and kalash.

Ayansh took it from her and stood facing Radhi, performing her aarti.

After taking aarti, he placed the kalash in front of her feet.

"Baby, kick this with your right leg," Ayansh said to Radhi in a dramatic tone.

Here, Radhi was hell shocked by his actions.

Not only Radhi, but everyone present there was shocked to hell. Ayansh, who doesn't even attend any Pooja, was now doing all this for his wife.

"Baby, do it fast," Ayansh again said to make Radhi come out of her shock.

"Yeah, Haan," Radhi said while coming out of her shock.

Radhi kicked the kalash with a little bit of force, causing it to fly, crossing above Harsh.

Harsh almost had a mini heart attack.

"Sorry, sorry... Sasur ji," Radhi apologized while going towards Harsh.

Harsh just stepped back. Vrinda came to him and made him sit on the sofa.

Vrinda ordered a maid to bring a glass of water and made him drink it.

Then she went towards Radhi..

"Don't you know... you don't have to kick the kalash with this much force?" Vrinda scolded her.

"It's okay, Mom. It's not that big of a deal," Ayansh said, defending Radhi.

"It could have hit your dad," Vrinda said in a loud voice.

"It would be better, but unfortunately," Ayansh thought to himself.

"Forgive her, Mom. She won't do this again," Ayansh said in defense of Radhi.

"Bhai to abhi se joru ka gulam ban gaya," Anisha whispered to herself.

(Bhai has become her slave.)

But Visha heard it as she was beside her.

All this time, Visha was shocked to see Ayansh with Radhi. She never imagined this, even in her dreams.

All these things are making things difficult for her.

"I am done with this drama. Let's go to our room, Vrinda," Harsh said.

Hearing him, Vrinda went to their room with Harsh.

"Ayan, I am tired now with all this. Let's go to your room," Radhi said to Ayansh, holding him by his arm.

"Why not, baby, but from now on, it's our room," Ayansh said, winking at her.

Ayansh held Radhi's hand and went past Visha.

Then they also went to their room, acting lovey-dovey.

Now, only Visha and Yash were left in the hall. Visha went to Yash.

"Yash!" Visha called his name, but he didn't react.

"Yash!" Visha again called his name, now placing her hand on his shoulder.

Yash came out of his thoughts and said, "Yeah."

"Yash, I think we should also go to our room," Visha said to him.

"Visha, I need to go somewhere. You go," Yash said to her.

Saying this, he went out of the mansion.

Visha went towards her room. Everything was according to her plan, until Ayansh and Radhi was not marriage . She had become irritated by now. It was going to be difficult for Visha to make Yash hers, as she knew he really loved Radhi. It's just that he was not courageous enough to fight for his love. He couldn't say no to his father.

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