Chapter 2

People were crowded at the venue for one of the most luxurious weddings in town.

The media were already prepared to cover the grand marriage of Yuvraj Yash Singh Rajput, Heir of Udaipur, and Rajkumari Visha Dev Shekhawat.

In Rajput Mahal

"Anisha, have you called Ayansh?" Vrinda asked.

"Maa, Bhai is not picking up the call," she replied.

"This boy, he can't just express his anger today," Vrinda said, offended by her son's action.

"Leave him. It doesn't matter if he comes or not. It's not like it's his wedding. We are getting late for the baraat," Harsh said in a stern voice as he approached them.

Vrinda didn't say anything, knowing Ayansh's relationship was not good with her father. She had tried to resolve the tension between father and son but couldn't, as she never knew the reason.


The baraat entered the venue with lots of music and firing crackers. Rashmi Shekhawat, Visha's mother, stood at the door with a pooja thali in her hand, welcoming the baraat and performing rituals with the groom, Yash.

In a big, luxurious room, Visha was already ready to go downstairs, sitting with her friends.

"Vish, you won the challenge and are getting married to Yash," one of her friends said, referring to the challenge that Yash would not leave Radhi.

Vish smiled and said, "I told you na I get whatever I want by hook or by crook."

"Yeah, yaar, I also thought Yash would choose Radhi," another friend commented.

"He can never say no to his father. So, to marry Yash, I just had to impress my family," Vish said proudly.

"And why not? He would be impressed. Our Vish is the most beautiful and princess of Mewar, also perfect for being queen," her best friend teased.

"Radhi was beautiful and talented too," a friend who wanted to provoke her said.

"Yeah, but she is too bold and outspoken," her best friend replied.

Her best friend understood what she wanted to do and tried to change the topic.

"I thought you would end up with Ayansh," her best friend said.

"He is good for fun, but for marriage, I have to find someone stable financially. Ayansh is only good at his video game. You have to be practical in life. I know he really loves me, but love can't fill your stomach," Vish said, trying to justify herself.

Their conversation was interrupted by Rashi Shekhawat, Visha's sister.

"Vish, let's go downstairs. Pandit Ji is calling the bride to the mandap," Rashi said.

Vish entered the mandap with her friends, looking stunning. Everyone complimented her, and Yash was stunned by her beauty for a moment. They exchanged garlands, took pheras around the holy fire, and Yash filled Visha's hair partition with vermilion, finally tying the mangalsutra around her neck.

"From now on, you both are husband and wife," Pandit Ji announced.

Vish and Yash stood up, taking blessings from the elders. It was Vidaai time, and Visha performed the rituals, sitting in the car beside her husband, Yash, who remained silent.

At Rajput Mansion, Visha was warmly welcomed by her mother-in-law, Vrinda, with aarti and tilak. Anisha, Yash's younger sister, brought a red-colored liquid in a thali.

"Shalu, come with a kalash full of rice," Vrinda instructed a servant.

Shalu came with a kalash, placing it in front of Visha's foot.

"Kick the kalash with your right foot," Vrinda instructed Visha.

Visha followed her mother-in-law's instructions.

"Now put your right foot in this red-colored liquid and enter the house," Vrinda said to Visha.

After that, Visha and Yash performed some post-marriage rituals, and everyone was exhausted by now.

Vrinda then went to Anisha and said, "Anisha, take your bhabhi to Yash's room."

Anisha guided Visha to Yash's room.


Once Visha and I were done with post-marriage rituals, I couldn't stay there anymore. I walked out and went to my penthouse.

In my penthouse, I approached the freezer, took a bottle of alcohol, and started drinking it like water. My mind went back a week.


I still remember my engagement day. It was supposed to announce me as CEO, but my father announced my marriage to Visha.

We exchanged rings that same day. I had no choice. I didn't want to create a scene in front of guests and the media.

Once we came back home, I went to talk to my father in his study.

"Come, Yash. I knew you would come to talk," my father, Harsh, said.

"Dad, you knew I loved Radhi, but you still made me engage with Visha," I said.

"And I had already told you to break up with her. She is not beneficial to us," he said in anger.

"Beneficial... Is this the reason you made me engage with Visha?" I questioned him.

"Yash, try to understand. Visha is worthy of being queen. And about Radhi, she was good for being a girlfriend. Even if I ignore the fact that she is not from any royal family, she is too bold and outspoken to be a queen. We want a queen who will stand behind her king, unlike Radhi. Also, this marriage will be beneficial to our company," he said, trying to convince me.

"But dad, I love Radhi, and I can't marry Visha," I said to him a little loudly, and I was about to step outside the room.

"Okay, is this what you want? Then let me fire her from her hospital, and I will make sure she doesn't get a job anywhere else," he said, taking out his phone.

I stopped at my place, turned to my father, and said, "Dad, you can't do this."

"Yash, you know I can and I will if you don't marry Visha," he asserted.

I knew Radhi had struggled and worked hard to get her dream job. She was very possessive of her job. I couldn't just make her lose her job. Even if, by any chance, we got married, she would not be able to compromise according to my orthodox family.

"Okay, I will marry Visha, but after this, you can't force me to do anything," I said in defeat.

**Flashback end**

Coming out of my thoughts, I was interrupted by a call. It was my sister calling.

"Hello.. Hello Bhai, Where are you? It's been almost 3 hours. How can you leave Bhabhi like this on the very first day?" Anisha said it in one breath.

"Oh, shit! How can I forget this? It's difficult for Visha, too. She came leaving her family, trusting me, and here I am acting irresponsibly." I mocked myself in my mind.

"Bhai, are you listening?" Anisha said it again.

"I am coming," I replied, and I cut off the call.

After the call, I returned home.


I was now sitting in the middle of the bed, wearing a lehenga, waiting for my husband, Yash. He hadn't said a single word to me since the engagement day. I knew he was not ready, but I wanted him with me. And now he was my husband. How long could he avoid me? He had to accept me as his wife.

After waiting for a long three hours, I decided not to wait for him anymore. I was about to go to my suitcase when I heard the sound of the door opening and saw that Yash had entered.

Yash looked a little different. I observed him and understood why. He was drunk. He came towards me with slow steps and stood close to meโ€”too close.

He held my shoulder and said, "Visha, I wanted to tell you something."

I knew what he wanted to say, but I chose to be silent. I couldn't lose him. I couldn't let him know that I was the one because of whom he was forced into this marriage, not his father.

"Visha, I was forced into this marriage. I know you would have lots of expectations from your husband, but I need some time to accept all this," he said. I could feel he was in pain. He loosened his hold and freed me.

I just nodded. I don't know why, but I felt guilty in my heart. That's why I decided to be silent; it was the best for now.

After our conversation, Yash went to sleep, and I went to change.

I came back, changed into my night dress, and saw Yash was sleeping by now.

"I thought by marrying you, you would be

mine, but I think I have to wait more. But how long? I will surely make you mine."

I sighed and went to my side, trying to get some sleep.

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